Installation work

Installation of fire alarm systems.
Installation of fire alarm systems are extremely relevant for mass inspections ministry. We have all the necessary certificates and licenses, as well as guarantee you a quality installation at a nice price.
Our qualified specialists will conduct alarms installation with only high quality equipment. In a short time we will fulfill your order. To order the installation of fire alarm call by telephone that you will find on this site. Manager will answer all your questions.

Installation of CCTV
Installation of CCTV requires every organization that wants to have a high level of protection. Reliable surveillance system allows you to control personnel, financial operations and help gather the necessary information.
We make installation of video surveillance: the office, the warehouse, in the apartment entrance and any other indoor or outdoors. It should be noted that the installation of video surveillance equipment will adjust so that it is automatically reported on any changes directly to your cell phone. To order the installation of CCTV to contact us by phone numbers listed on the site.

Installation of alarm
Setting the alarm is required to protect any areas (administrative, office, warehouse, etc.), and to protect areas adjacent objects. At the request of the Customer installation of alarm depending on the tasks and specificity of the protected object. Alarms designed for early warning of unauthorized access to protected areas or areas adjacent to protected objects.
Setting the alarm allows real-time to get detailed information about the situation that occurs on the protected object and promptly respond to events on the protected object and its adjoining areas. Depending on the importance and specificity of the protected object requires a mounting alarm. If the protected object are tangible assets that are of interest to small scams, it is sufficient to establish a protected object motion sensors, from which information about the unauthorized entry will flow to the control of which can quickly rectify the situation developed.