Access Control

The system control and management of access (ACS) - predstavljaet set of software characteristics-technical funds, kotorыe vыpolnyayut control and management tasks Visits and otdelnыmy ego often, as well as control over personnel and TIME SHIFT prebыvanyya. The main problem access control system - is predotvraschenye nesanktsyonyrovannoho penetration on ohranyaemuyu territory, razhranychenyya Access to premises of otdelnыm, Accounting TIME prebыvanyya, collection, analysis and storage of information about the action of staff and management vydvyduvachyv.Kontrol access obespechyvaet sohrannost Information and materyalnыh Values, as well as serve safety of visitors and staff of the facility (system access control, access control management).

Access control systems dolzhna Run sleduyuschye steps:

S definitely Schytыvanye Data bearer (for example, SUMMARY map) ili neposredstvennыy bushing of information from the panel;
The transfer of data to the controller schytannыh, kotorыy in prostыh variants can u byt is built in schytыvaemoy panel ili be in the form separately computer. In controller mode hranytsya information about the work, Profiles, access to premises of;
Comparison poluchennoy information from the info in baze.
The system prynymaet decision on the admission ili Lock on, move space in ohranы mode, vkljuchaet signal anxiety, etc. When positively decision posыlaetsya elektricheski signal to lock.

Based эtyh problems of access control systems sostoyt of blocks follows: Device Authentication controller, yspolnytelnoe device. And immediately, depending on the urovnja security, kotorыy dolzhna provided with ACS, vыbyrayutsya sootvetstvuyuschye device. Slozhnыe system access control and management functions vыpolnyayut not only non-admission admission ili and vedet podrobnuyu and statistics "Who, Where, How much of time."

In dannuyu group of vhodyat sleduyuschye Device: castles, zapyrayuschye Device domofonы, эlektronnыe key, schytыvately, turnyketы, prohodnыe, system Authentication shlahbaumы.

Classification system for access control (SKD):

avtonomnыe - information not peredaetsya on the central point ohranы and not kontrolyruetsya operators;
The central (Networking) - going on an exchange with tsentralnыm point ohranы for yspolnytelnыmy Control Devices;
unyversalnыe - How may work independently, and so setevom. If going on sboy Central Control Device, then pereklyuchaetsya on avtonomnыy mode.

Advantages Using ACS and beskontaktnыh cards:

controls and limits access visitors and in the same time besprepyatstvennыy passes collaborators;
Can vicar ymet Access to premises of opredelennыm;
map easily prohrammyruetsya;
bыstrыy Access to premises of zakrыtыm;
control Rabochy TIME SHIFT vicar and by territory;
Organization of data on bazы kazhdoho vicar.

Ustanovlennaya access control system, easy obespechyvaet mynymalnыy Level security for the facility, and access control management pozvolyt Leader kontrolyrovat opozdanyya staff.