Fire alarm


Fire alarm system is a complex set of technical tools that serve to detect outbreaks in the area is protected. Typically, the fire alarm is integrated in a complex that combines security and engineered building systems, providing accurate address information notification system, fire fighting, smoke.
Currently, the entire list of organizational and technical measures at the facility during the fire has one main goal - to save lives. So come first task early detection of outbreaks and alert staff.
The main functions of fire alarm systems provided by different technical means. To detect fire detectors are used to process and record information and forming an alarm - alarm control equipment and peripherals.
In addition to these functions, fire alarm should form a team to include automatic fire and smoke, fire notification systems, process, electrical and other engineering equipment facilities. Modern protective equipment and fire alarm function has its own advanced notice.
We offer a full range of cooperation. In the field of fire and eliminate it - a design and installation and maintenance of fire alarm and fire fighting various settings: water, foam, gas, powder, aerosol.
Design and installation of ventilation and smoke, notification and management of evacuation in case of fire, fire surveillance devices to protect homes and buildings from lightning.
We carry out fire-retardant treatment of wood and fabric, as well as handle fire-proofing materials, metal, concrete and other construction.
Price is calculated after leaving our expert on the subject, depending on the room, according to the project.