Personal security

Physical security is a constituent security business, direct actions which are aimed at detecting, preventing and stopping:

unauthorized penetrations of the object (a territory in space);
Stay persons without proper authorization of the facility;
wrongful taking of property by the object of theft, burglary, robbery, fraud, etc.;
unlawful use of the property at the site of without proper authority;
job loss by intentional damage or destruction of property, illegal encroachments on personal security of individuals and their integrity.

Given that protection takes the specified action is how it works:

economic feasibility;

Through adherence to these principles private enterprise "Center for Security Business« BSC »in a short period of existence gained a significant reputation in the whole of Western Ukraine.

Vysokoprofesionalni Agency offers services for the physical protection of banks, business centers, housing, suburban towns and houses, hotels, hospitals and public facilities construction projects, commercial enterprises.

The main objectives of physical security are:

bank protection - protection of property, the implementation of control - overflow mode, the interaction with the service security, public order and the regulations adopted in Bank activities, public parking places bank employees and visitors, fire control;

Protection of business centers - Documentary and face control of employees and visitors, inspection of premises and territories at the end of the day, the maintenance of public order;

protection of property - to prevent the threat of terrorist attacks, the maintenance of public order in the territory and in the middle at the entrances, review the attic and basement, control - bypass mode for the closed yard, patrolling territory. Public residential buildings can be carried out also by technical means (alarm systems);

protection of country towns and houses - maintaining public order in the territory patrolling territory, protection of private property, control the movement of vehicles. Taking the object under protection, the Agency specialists perform a comprehensive examination, thus make recommendations and proposals to address the causes and conditions that may adversely affect health or cause other consequences for the client. If necessary, the object can be equipped with safety - fire alarms, video monitoring systems that are connected to the remote centralized protection;

Guard Hotels - documented access control visitor access control traffic, prevent causing damage by guests, visitors and strangers, public order, public object using alarms, assist administration and staff in unusual or emergency situations;

protection of construction projects - saving building materials and equipment, stopping unauthorized access to the object of protection, control - bypass mode vehicles patrolling the perimeter, which guarded. Protection of objects implies: a permanent presence guardian, arrival of the Rapid Response object after receiving the alarm;

Protection of commercial enterprises - to prevent theft attempts on the part of customers and staff, control of commodity - material assets, public order on the premises.