is one of the main activities of "Security Center Business", which is provided by the Company and six design institutes located in different regions of Ukraine.
The main competitive advantage over other actors in the process of design innovation updating and modernizing the country's industry is to maintain and further develop the acquired specialization oriented towards the design of industrial supplies as well as a wide range of building housing and civil use.
The company consistently implemented concept development strategy of the project activity, taking into account the features of today's market conditions demand for design work. Important is the formation of engineering structures, oriented to work with the customer at the time of formation of the idea of ​​the object. With this approach, based on the consolidation of customer's requirements and practical experience and developments of the Company achieved significant savings to customer resources, shortening the design.
Design Institute Company is the territorial activity in the construction industry in most regions of the country, we are working to survey buildings and development projects of their gain.